ineo SECURE GDPR Compliance

Whilst many businesses have gone to great lengths to ensure their business processes and activities are GDPR compliant, print security obligations is still an area that is misunderstood. This could lead to not only a data breach, but also huge fines for non-compliance. Printers and scanners that capture data from documents all store that data in some form. How can you be sure you are GDPR compliant with that data?

Ineo SECURE multifunctional devices and their hard drives ensure your company’s data is more than just secure.

Password-protected documents and hard drive

If the default password has never been changed hackers can easily access your devices. We make sure each admin password is changed from default mode to a unique and secure password to prevent unauthorised access. Each ineo device is equipped with a control mechanism to ensure the admin password is set securely.

Business-critical documents can be stored in a password-protected box or folder on the ineo device’s hard drive. If you need a higher level of security, the hard drive can also be encrypted to prevent data being read, even if the hard drive is removed. Though it isn’t easy to remove a hard disk from an office device, an ineo hard disk can be locked in via an extra password that makes it impossible to read or access the data if the drive is removed and installed elsewhere

Automatic deletion of print jobs

When documents are printed lots of potentially confidential data gets temporarily stored on the device. To prevent access to such data, ineo SECURE can be set to automatic deletion mode which is another way of safeguarding business-critical data on your ineo device.

Continuous real time status of your security settings

For your peace of mind, you can choose an optional application that highlights at a glance if all your security settings are still in place and re-enforced.

Ineo Secure ensures your business devices are GDPR compliant with the data they use.